Workplace Reinvented

Workplace management cloud technology that connects all levels of workforce, effectively engaging them for sustained delivery of super-efficient results.

Building a Team where everyone is important

Ease of Use & Setup

Ease of use & Setup

GEPPP cloud software offers a flexible business solution with a simple and intuitively navigable user friendly interface.

Collaborate & Work anywhere

Collaborate & Work anywhere

Many of the workplace engagements, which are still confined only to the work environment, can now be conveniently done from anywhere.

Improve Productivity

Improved Productivity

Designed to structurally and psychologically propel workforce in any organization to pursue and deliver high performances, with no excuses.

Workplace Performance & Communication Management

Recreate your organization in the cloud for on demand seamless access to a true and unified picture of critical, to the minute business information across your entire organization at your convenience.

Unique Access Point

Platform that provides each user access to common modules, features & priviledges with just one click.

Eliminate Entitlements & Bossiness

Work Essence, Discipline, Frankness and a no excuse on Results in all internal workforce engagements.

>Workplace Performance & Communication Management

Power of Control

GEPPP helps you coordinate deadlines, achieve quality expectations, satisfactions and profits without chaos or nightmarish stress.

Unlimited Multi-level Work Approval on the Go

Get the necessary approvals for work and correspondences without the delays that hinders productivity and speed.

Organisation Management

Organisation management on the Go

Share work moments, ideas, documents with employees and co-workers. Enjoy easy and secured access when collaborating on important work activities.

Capture & Communicate

Capture your work and communicate seamlessly at your convenience

GEPPP enables you continue with your work from any location, at your convenience, and at anytime of the day; Giving you the power of control and enhancing the way you work, communicate and manage performance.

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Seamless Business Intelligence Capture

Seamlessly capture on the go, and render unlimited multilevel approvals of business happenings without any of the usual bureaucratic delays. GEPPP is designed to provide you with undeniable and permanent proof of work for proper business management and intelligent decision making.


Business Intelligence Capture
Improve Work Performance

Improve Work Performance

Now you can evaluate your workforce, and ascertain with utmost assurance, their strategic value positioning in view of the organization’s future, global competitiveness, and their continuing capacities for development. With geppp, the organization gains insights on the nature, calibres and dynamics of workforce. GEPPP Performance Management is built to stir the organization to proactively direct evaluations and happenings towards future and global consciousness.

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Fast and Real Time Communication

Get over 90% reduction in the use of paper within your organization. Promptly send, receive and approve memos, circulars, reports, queries & more from all locations, sections and hierarchies within your organization in real time. Whenever and wherever you are, within or outside your country; you can safely access, share and conclude on any important work issues, ideas and intelligence with your team.

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Fast & Real Time Communication
Work made easy

Work Made Easy

Explore a brilliant new way to get work done super-fast and right. Seamlessly collaborate, assign and review works by your team in just a few clicks. No matter your industry and size, GEPPP helps you undertake work and engage people in uniquely easy ways.

More features

Cultivate Work Excellence

Manage workforce positioning, grading, job descriptions and profiling, tasks, performances,
internal communications and reporting of your people.

Reinventing workplace culture for amazing organizations

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